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Best-ever 48th birthday: Volunteering for China’s pandas

As a species indigenous only to China, pandas are China’s international symbol of friendship and peace. And they are perhaps the world’s most adored species of animal. Conserving and presenting pandas in zoos is really about getting the world’s people to care about biodiversity and conservation. In this way, helping secure a future for pandas is also about helping secure a future for homo sapiens.

Everyone says to go find your passion. But where? How?

Why is it so hard to find our passion? From the time we were born, we’ve been taught to listen to everyone but our own selves. In big and small ways, we’ve been disciplined to be acceptable to society. Other people want us to conform to their worldviews. We got used to listening to everyone’s voice but our own. Our original selves became so deformed that by the time we grew up, we no longer recognized our own selves or heard our own voices.

Book now available in English — and we’re in China!

For the first time ever, my original English manuscript is now available as an e-book for those of you with advanced English skills who want to read my own words as I wrote them in English. And the English-Chinese version is terrific for those who are learning English – and those interested in analyzing, discussing and arguing about the many interesting linguistic and cultural problems which arose during the translation process. I spent many hours on the phone with translator Wang Jianbo discussing these issues.


Feng Xiaogang Immortalized on Hollywood Walk of Fame

What drove me to write this blog today is my experience this past weekend, when I was honored to host the gala following the handprint ceremony for director Feng Xiaogang here in Hollywood. “China’s Steven Spielberg” Feng Xiaogang is the very first Chinese director ever to be immortalized on the Walk of Fame with this honor. I’m sure others will follow in the years ahead.

WSJ Column: How to find the career of your dreams

‘You hate your job?’they ask. ‘Everyone hates their job!’ No. Not everyone hates their job. If you have the spirit to dream about your career, then you have the spirit to make your dream come true.
How one woman created her dream career. Three times.