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English/Chinese edition now available!

Dear friends: I’m so happy to announce that the English/Chinese bilingual edition of my best-selling book Do Not Marry Before Age 30 is now available. The title of my book addresses one of the hottest social issues in China today, the stigma of the “leftover woman.” Women as young as 22 tell me they’re leftover! […]

Trends Health Joy Chen

WSJ Column: Young children’s classes: Too much pressure too soon?

Greetings from sunny L.A.!  Spring is here, and I’ve been having such fun playing with Dave and our girls. Lila  now is 2.5, and it’s such fun to see her gaining new words in Chinese and English every day. Playing tennis makes me feel fit and strong The May issue of Trends Health is on […]

WSJ Column: More women on weibo but men’s voices are louder

An MIT graduate student recently analyzed the users of Sina Weibo and found that 60% of the users are women, but men comprise twice as many of the users with over 5,000 fans. The title’s study: More women on Weibo but men’s voices are louder. I was thinking about this study last night when I went to bed. And then I imagined a dark and joyless world….

WSJ Column: How to say No to other people

Amidst all the bad news about how newspapers and magazines are suffering the USA, I’m always heartened by the wonderful successes of China’s fashion media. Some people regard the fashion media as frivolous, but I believe they play a serious and important role.  And not simply about the important subjects of beauty and fashion (yes […]

WSJ Column: Don’t date or marry a screamer

Happy Snake Year!  I hope and trust that you enjoyed a wonderful Spring Festival with your family and loved ones. And that they didn’t give you too much marriage pressure!  And that if they did, you found my Wall Street Journal column “Open letter to parents worried your daughter will become a leftover woman” to […]