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The new year also brings another fun new project, as I launch a new blog series on my WeChat public platform, every Sunday and Thursday night China time at 9:00pm. Called TWO MINUTES OF JOY #两分钟的JOY#, each post will start with a 2-3 minute audio file of me reading an essay I’ve written about love, or life, or careers. Following that, we’ll insert my English essay, and its Chinese translation.

Everyone says to go find your passion. But where? How?

Why is it so hard to find our passion? From the time we were born, we’ve been taught to listen to everyone but our own selves. In big and small ways, we’ve been disciplined to be acceptable to society. Other people want us to conform to their worldviews. We got used to listening to everyone’s voice but our own. Our original selves became so deformed that by the time we grew up, we no longer recognized our own selves or heard our own voices.

WSJ Column: More women on weibo but men’s voices are louder

An MIT graduate student recently analyzed the users of Sina Weibo and found that 60% of the users are women, but men comprise twice as many of the users with over 5,000 fans. The title’s study: More women on Weibo but men’s voices are louder. I was thinking about this study last night when I went to bed. And then I imagined a dark and joyless world….

We teach others how to treat us

Thank you to so many friends who have warmly welcomed my family and me in Shanghai the past couple weeks! I’ve been busy with speeches and media interviews, but the highlight of my time has been our Shanghai book party where I got to meet many longtime blog readers and new friends as well.

Come party with me!

Thank you everyone for welcoming my family and me to Shanghai the past week! For over a year, I’ve lived in quiet seclusion writing my book “Do not marry before age 30,” so these days have been a big change, more like my old days in politics.