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My book is launching!

This week, my book, “Do not marry before age 30,” will be launching in China! The amazing Yue-Sai Kan, who wrote the Foreword, will be joining me at the global launch press conference in Shanghai on 25 May, fittingly, 我爱我节。

Join me in a global online chat!

I’m excited to announce that this weekend, I will be conducting my first-ever SINA interview. For one hour, we will be conducting a global conversation online on the big questions relating to our love relationships.

Abuse is not Chinese

As I write this, the ongoing drama of Crazy English founder Li Yang’s divorce from Kim Lee continues to reverberate in a remarkable public discussion of domestic violence and whether and how it’s tied to culture.

Create something of value to the world

Readers often ask me questions like:How do I show that I’m more than what’s shown my resume? How can I set myself apart from the hundreds of other candidates applying to the same jobs as me?

Your turn: Create something

The best way for you to pay tribute to Steve Jobs is to take inspiration from his example, and create something special of your own.