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English/Chinese edition now available!

Dear friends: I’m so happy to announce that the English/Chinese bilingual edition of my best-selling book Do Not Marry Before Age 30 is now available. The title of my book addresses one of the hottest social issues in China today, the stigma of the “leftover woman.” Women as young as 22 tell me they’re leftover! […]

WSJ Column: Don’t date or marry a screamer

Happy Snake Year!  I hope and trust that you enjoyed a wonderful Spring Festival with your family and loved ones. And that they didn’t give you too much marriage pressure!  And that if they did, you found my Wall Street Journal column “Open letter to parents worried your daughter will become a leftover woman” to […]

WSJ Column: Letter to parents worried about their daughter becoming a “leftover woman”

Note for English readers:  The term “leftover woman” is one of the most-discussed topics in China today. It refers to women who are still single by the age of 25 or 27.  If this sounds rude to you, you would be amazed at the level to which this term is popularized across Chinese society. And […]

Men and women live in different worlds

The world watched last month as Prince William of England married his longtime sweetheart. But I once heard a story about the courtship of his grandmother, England’s beloved Queen Elizabeth II, which made a deep impression on me. The Queen confides that, before she got married, she in fact had two suitors to choose between:
Of Suitor #1, she said: “Whenever I was with him, I thought he was the most interesting person in the world!”