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Book now available in English — and we’re in China!

For the first time ever, my original English manuscript is now available as an e-book for those of you with advanced English skills who want to read my own words as I wrote them in English. And the English-Chinese version is terrific for those who are learning English – and those interested in analyzing, discussing and arguing about the many interesting linguistic and cultural problems which arose during the translation process. I spent many hours on the phone with translator Wang Jianbo discussing these issues.


I’m making a movie with Wanda Media

I’m delighted to report that I’ve partnered with Wanda Media to create a romantic comedy called Do Not Marry Before Age 30, the same title as my book, and that I will serve as the lead screenwriter. The movie will feature two lady CEO headhunters who headhunt Mr. Right. It’s a subject that I know intimately since, as you know, I myself worked as a CEO headhunter for seven years, and it is by using professional CEO headhunting techniques that I found my Mr. Right.

English/Chinese edition now available!

Dear friends: I’m so happy to announce that the English/Chinese bilingual edition of my best-selling book Do Not Marry Before Age 30 is now available. The title of my book addresses one of the hottest social issues in China today, the stigma of the “leftover woman.” Women as young as 22 tell me they’re leftover! […]

My book is now available worldwide!

I’m glad to announce that finally, my book Do Not Marry Before Age 30 is now available worldwide! Best of all, I can now personally autograph each book especially for you. If you want me to write a name into any book, just let me know in the Order Notes section at checkout. To thank all my friends and longtime blog readers who have supported me throughout this book-writing process, I’m glad to offer you a special discount:

The best-ever 43rd birthday present is YOU!

Hi everyone! Apologies for being away from this blog in recent weeks. You all have been much in my heart. My family and I spent an amazing two months in China meeting many of you. Then we returned to L.A. where we had some rest and family fun before the girls started school.