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I’m making a movie with Wanda Media

I’m delighted to report that I’ve partnered with Wanda Media to create a romantic comedy called Do Not Marry Before Age 30, the same title as my book, and that I will serve as the lead screenwriter. The movie will feature two lady CEO headhunters who headhunt Mr. Right. It’s a subject that I know intimately since, as you know, I myself worked as a CEO headhunter for seven years, and it is by using professional CEO headhunting techniques that I found my Mr. Right.

Do not marry before age 30

Businessweek last week reported that Chinese women are driving up enrollment at business schools across the United States. So much female Chinese talent is going global! I’m excited by the potential for Chinese women to rock our world. Unfortunately, there’s still this problem of a society which defines women by marital status.

Leftover women are the modern urban women most of whom have high education, high income, and high IQ. They are nice-looking, but they are relatively demanding in choosing spouses so that they haven’t found ideal partners for marriage. – China Ministry of Education, 2007

Take charge of your career

I’ve really enjoyed presenting to and meeting with new friends in the Chinese Students and Scholars Associations here in Southern California! Thank you to USC and UCLA for welcoming me last week. I am always inspired by the many passionate Chinese students I meet through my speaking engagements. One of the things I’ve been talking […]

How to choose a career which brings happiness and success

For them, as for many of you highly talented readers of this blog, with the world at your fingertips, the urgent question is – with so many choices, how to ensure that we make the right choices?

Happiness and how to attain it

Happiness seems to have almost magical properties. Science suggests it leads to long life, health, resilience and good performance. Studies show that the happiest people live nine years longer than unhappy people. This is a huge effect, considering cigarette smoking can knock only three years off your life, six if you really smoke a lot.