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What is a soulmate?

It was 2008, and Dave and I were on our honeymoon, in Venice at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, the beautiful museum in the Grand Canal palazzo where the American heiress Peggy Guggenheim lived and entertained the 20th century artists whom she befriended and supported.

Should Chinese students stay in the USA after graduation? And questions about love and sex.

Should Chinese students stay in the USA after graduation?

Q: Which do you think is better for Chinese students after graduation, staying in the United States or going back to China?

A: Early in your career, your most important project is to develop yourself, and global experiences can be the quickest and most intensive way to do this. After graduation, it’s best for you to stay in the States for a while to further learn about American society.

Do Chinese men like successful women?

It’s anniversary week for Dave and me! Four years ago on April 1, we met for the first time. Three years ago on April 5, we got married. That’s us in the photo at right. My life has been filled with blessings. Chief among them has been my marriage to Dave. But things could easily have turned out differently. I could just as well have stayed single, like many successful women with big careers

Happiness and how to attain it

Happiness seems to have almost magical properties. Science suggests it leads to long life, health, resilience and good performance. Studies show that the happiest people live nine years longer than unhappy people. This is a huge effect, considering cigarette smoking can knock only three years off your life, six if you really smoke a lot.

Joy Chen featured in Marie Claire China

Money, power, love and the modern woman

How do you find true love? Do you believe in soul mates? Should the modern woman marry for money? These are the sort of interesting questions that journalist Li Jie asked me for the June 2010 issue of fashion magazine Marie Claire China. The cover features Sarah Jessica Parker (I love her!), and you can pick it up on the newsstands now.