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I’m making a movie with Wanda Media

I’m delighted to report that I’ve partnered with Wanda Media to create a romantic comedy called Do Not Marry Before Age 30, the same title as my book, and that I will serve as the lead screenwriter. The movie will feature two lady CEO headhunters who headhunt Mr. Right. It’s a subject that I know intimately since, as you know, I myself worked as a CEO headhunter for seven years, and it is by using professional CEO headhunting techniques that I found my Mr. Right.

WSJ Column: What is a soulmate?

For those of us who have fallen in, and out, of love, more than once, we know from experience that falling in love is easy. But those early tidal waves of emotion are not enough to sustain a lifetime.
This can be really confusing, because no other experience is quite as exhilarating as falling in love.

WSJ Column: Choose wisely among lots of men

Many career women agonize over every career choice, and yet sail almost at random into boyfriend relationships. But that’s an upside-down way to approach our lives. We’re now living through massive economic change, and that means that over the years, we’ll have good jobs and bad jobs, good bosses and horrible bosses, we will work for good companies and bad companies.

Frankly, right now, I’m having the time of my life

Bonjour mes jolies laides! You all have been much in my heart as I’ve been rushing to finish writing my book for you. I’m thrilled to report that – it’s done. Thanks for all the加油s! I’m now working on the Chinese version with my darling translator Jianbo Wang.

Married man’s lover / Dead-end job /Sex before commitment

Married man’s lover

Q: I am a married man’s lover. He is older than me, a mentor-like figure. He did a lot for me – do you think that’s an older guy’s tactics? When we first met I did notice his ring and I didn’t expect to be with him. But when we are together, I feel complete. I have met his family, friends and buddies, so I am not totally in the closet.

I knew that he does not get along with his wife, but it’s not easy to support a family with a kid. I am not sure if I am ready for being a wife. I can’t give him a promise… he loves me, but I am not sure if he loves me enough…