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Boyfriend a video-game addict / Setting career goals / Becoming mature

Boyfriend a video-game addict

Q: My boyfriend and I have been together for five years since college. In college we had so much in common, but since then we’ve fought a lot. I am very ambitious and am working hard to build my career, but he’s satisfied working at low-end jobs so he can focus on his real passion, which is sitting around all day playing video games. He’s become so lazy, but I’m sick of nagging. How do I motivate him to get a decent career so we can build a life together?

A: Women everywhere try to change (improve) the men they’re with. But I’m going to save you some time and effort and let you know that *You Cannot Change a Man *.

Do not marry before age 30

Businessweek last week reported that Chinese women are driving up enrollment at business schools across the United States. So much female Chinese talent is going global! I’m excited by the potential for Chinese women to rock our world. Unfortunately, there’s still this problem of a society which defines women by marital status.

Leftover women are the modern urban women most of whom have high education, high income, and high IQ. They are nice-looking, but they are relatively demanding in choosing spouses so that they haven’t found ideal partners for marriage. – China Ministry of Education, 2007