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Boyfriend a video-game addict / Setting career goals / Becoming mature

Boyfriend a video-game addict

Q: My boyfriend and I have been together for five years since college. In college we had so much in common, but since then we’ve fought a lot. I am very ambitious and am working hard to build my career, but he’s satisfied working at low-end jobs so he can focus on his real passion, which is sitting around all day playing video games. He’s become so lazy, but I’m sick of nagging. How do I motivate him to get a decent career so we can build a life together?

A: Women everywhere try to change (improve) the men they’re with. But I’m going to save you some time and effort and let you know that *You Cannot Change a Man *.

Men and women live in different worlds

The world watched last month as Prince William of England married his longtime sweetheart. But I once heard a story about the courtship of his grandmother, England’s beloved Queen Elizabeth II, which made a deep impression on me. The Queen confides that, before she got married, she in fact had two suitors to choose between:
Of Suitor #1, she said: “Whenever I was with him, I thought he was the most interesting person in the world!”

Memo to Chinese women: Learn to be true to yourself

Chinese women today are more educated and have more career opportunities than at any time in history. And yet, many of us are experiencing a sort of life malaise. This is what I’m hearing:

“I feel trapped. I’m in a PhD program that I hate, and I can’t see myself as an academic for life.”

“My parents are terrified I’ll end up a “leftover woman” and want me to get married. But I have dreams! Right now, I just want to focus on my career.”