Steve Jobs

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WSJ Column: How to say No to other people

Amidst all the bad news about how newspapers and magazines are suffering the USA, I’m always heartened by the wonderful successes of China’s fashion media. Some people regard the fashion media as frivolous, but I believe they play a serious and important role.  And not simply about the important subjects of beauty and fashion (yes […]

We teach others how to treat us

Thank you to so many friends who have warmly welcomed my family and me in Shanghai the past couple weeks! I’ve been busy with speeches and media interviews, but the highlight of my time has been our Shanghai book party where I got to meet many longtime blog readers and new friends as well.

Your turn: Create something

The best way for you to pay tribute to Steve Jobs is to take inspiration from his example, and create something special of your own.

Headhunting for more Steve Jobs-es

As a headhunter, each time I kick off a new search, I work with my client to create a profile of our ideal candidate. I profile him or her across three “buckets:” BUCKET A: Qualifications: The candidate’s past experience and education, knowledge and technical skills. In other words, everything that goes on a resume.