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Woman’s Day column: You find yourself by creating yourself

Today, I’m glad to announce that I’ve also started a monthly column for Hearst-owned “Woman’s Day” on career success in a radically changing economy. My first column is now available on newsstands now in the October 2012 issue. Here’s the English version:

Headhunting for more Steve Jobs-es

As a headhunter, each time I kick off a new search, I work with my client to create a profile of our ideal candidate. I profile him or her across three “buckets:” BUCKET A: Qualifications: The candidate’s past experience and education, knowledge and technical skills. In other words, everything that goes on a resume.

Optimism and the science of success

That’s the type of inspirational quote that might be hand-stitched onto a pillow by someone’s grandmother and sold at the shop around the corner. It’s a really nice thought. And it’s reinforced everywhere in society. Look on the bright side, we’re told, and life will be brighter.