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Come party with me!

My little baby girl takes the stage at our book launch press conference

Thank you everyone for welcoming my family and me to Shanghai the past week!   For over a year, I’ve lived in quiet seclusion writing my book “Do not marry before age 30,” so these days have been a big change, more like my old days in politics.

Our past week in Shanghai

Last Friday, we held our press conference to launch the book, and I got to meet in person so many dear friends whom I’ve gotten to know through the blog over the past two years.

I was especially joyful upon finally meeting in person my translator Ivy Wang and editor Tangtang Man, women with whom I’ve collaborated so closely by email and Skype on this very personal labor of love.

Also this week has given me precious time with my dear friend and mentor Yue-Sai Kan.  Back when I was in college, I was lucky to be Yue-Sai’s intern for six weeks.   Having grown up in the USA, all the Chinese adults I knew were scientists and engineers.  I still recall the shock of seeing Yue-Sai, Chinese like me, a woman like me, changing the world through her own remarkable force.  My brief time with her opened up my eyes to the vast possibilities of my own life.

A quarter century later, that’s the effect that I hope my book has on Chinese women everywhere – to open up their eyes to the vast possibilities of their lives.  And that’s why it’s so meaningful to me that Yue-Sai wrote the Foreword for the book.  Reading her words, and seeing her shower love on my daughters makes me feel like, if we’re really lucky, sometimes the best things in life go around and around.

For some photos from the press conference and our past week in Shanghai, click here.

How to buy the book

I’m so sorry for all those of you who’ve written to say that you’ve had trouble buying the book. Apparently, demand for the book has exceeded expectations, so my publisher is rushing to a second print run even though the books have not even hit the bookstores yet.  The books should be in bookstores in major cities later in June.  Meanwhile, you can buy it now online at these links for Dangdang and Amazon China.

For those of you outside of China, the book will be available later in the summer.  And yes, I will get it published in English worldwide.  For news on all that, please enter your email address in the upper right corner of the blog.

Come party with me!

You can get one of the few first copies of the book, and have it autographed, at one of our upcoming book parties, in Shanghai this Sunday June 3 or in Beijing on July 6.  Details here.  Hope to see you there!


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