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One-on-one with a global mogul: Haoyu Shen of Baidu

This week, I’m going to experiment with a new offering for you: an exclusive video interview with PRC-born Haoyu Shen, the operations chief of leading China internet search company Baidu. Haoyu and I first met years ago, when he was a vice president at American Express in New York City. I tried to recruit him on behalf of a major multi-national company, but I lost out to Robin Li, the charismatic CEO of Baidu.

Haoyu believes that the most important part of one’s formal education is not the subject matter, but learning how to learn. He’s synthesized his global education and his global career experiences to become a true global talent.  As a lifelong learner, Haoyu is a T-Shape Thinker. He offers a great deal of wisdom in this short video.  Click to watch (this video is in Chinese):

I’m blessed with friendships with many other global China talents, and am considering creating more of these videos. So if you like this, please spread it to your friends, and let me know in the Comments section or via email.

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