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Book now available in English — and we’re in China!

For the first time ever, my original English manuscript is now available as an e-book for those of you with advanced English skills who want to read my own words as I wrote them in English. And the English-Chinese version is terrific for those who are learning English – and those interested in analyzing, discussing and arguing about the many interesting linguistic and cultural problems which arose during the translation process. I spent many hours on the phone with translator Wang Jianbo discussing these issues.


Joy Chen is a globally-acclaimed creator of books, movies, videos and other pop-culture media for China. A Chinese-American former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles, she is author of the smash China best-seller Do Not Marry Before Age 30, which debunks conventional wisdom that single women are “leftover” by their late 20s, and helps them unlock their potential and realize their dreams. Her second book, How to Find the Career of Your Dreams, is due for release in late 2016. Additionally, she has movies in development with Wanda Media and Alibaba Pictures. Visit Joy at (click ENGLISH).

do not marry before age 30