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My update – and what I learned from a transgender four-year-old

Last week, a mother emailed our community of friends to say: “Our son often dressed in his sister’s clothes. We thought it was a phase. But recently, he has become insistent that: He is a GIRL. After lengthy discussions with our family and our counselors, we have decided to respect our child’s wishes. Going forward, we will refer to her as a girl and will call her by her chosen girl name. We invite you to join us in this journey.”


Joy Chen creates pop culture media for China. A Chinese-American former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles, Joy is author of the smash China best-seller Do Not Marry Before Age 30, which debunks conventional wisdom that single women are “leftover” by their late 20s, and helps them unlock their potential and realize their dreams. She currently has a movie in development with Wanda Media, and one with Alibaba Pictures. Additionally, she is working on a novel about a female Chinese hacker who comes to the United States. Visit Joy at www.joychenyu.com (click ENGLISH).

do not marry before age 30